Temperature Regulating Bedding for a better nights sleep.

Feel Cooler® Temperature Regulating bedding - you'll sleep so much better!

Do you find yourself tossing and turning unable to get a good nights sleep?
Waking up hot and sweaty or chilly?

Feel Cooler temperature regulating bedding is designed to help regulate your skin temperature so you dont wake up too warm or too cold.

As you sleep, you experience changes in your body temperature and these changes can easily make you wake up too warm to too cold, interrupting your sleep. If you use temperature regulating bedding you will experience less of the changes and have a better nights sleep.

Temperature regulating bedding uses Phase Changing Materials which help regulate your body temperature. Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are ideal products for temperature management solutions because they store and release thermal energy during the process of melting & freezing (changing from one phase to another.)

When a PCM changes from liquid to solid, it releases large amounts of energy in the form of latent heat, or energy.

Conversely, when the material is melted, an equal amount of energy or heat is absorbed from the immediate environment as it changes from solid to liquid.

So as you sleep, your body undergoes periods of differing temperatures, resulting in a build-up of heat and humidity. The PCM in the bedding is absorbing some of this heat build up so you remain comfortable and achieve a good nights sleep.

The Cooling Mattress Pad by Feel Cooler® that was recommended by Dr Oz for a better nights sleep on Jan 23rd 2012! Quick View

Feel Cooler Mattress Pad


Recommended by Dr Oz. Cooling mattress pad for your hot mattress. Works on any type of mattress. Sleep cool tonight!
Cooling  Pillow by Feel Cooler® Quick View

Feel Cooler Pillow


Pillow with temperature regulating technology to keep your head cool.
Feel Cooler<sup>®</sup> comforter made with Outlast Quick View

Comforter / Blanket


A blanket that responds to your skin temperature... amazing!