FC Gel Pillow Cover

FC Gel Pillow Cover


Normally: $19.99


Feel Cooler® Cooling Gel Pillow Cover!

Turn your pillow into a cooling pillow with this cover!
Our Product Code: FCGelPillowCover

Normally: $19.99

Product Details

Available in Standard (20*26) size
Cool Gel Pillow Cover: Cool Gel Encapsulated Pockets to help you feel Cooler.
Cool Gel Mesh Polyester Knitted Cover
Care: Spot Clean Only

Made specially for Gilligan & Ferneman, this Gel Pillow Cover contains pockets of cooling gel, which when placed over a pillow (under a cover or case) helps to enhance the "comfort zone" of anyone experiencing hot flashes or night sweats of any type.

Most gel pillows / pillow inserts available on the market today work well, but the main complaint is the comfort - they are hard, stiff, and generally just not comfortable to rest your head on. With this issue in mind we went to work to get a better answer for a better nights sleep by putting our focus on locating a gel pillow cover that works well, but is also comfortable.

The result is the Feel Cooler Cooling Gel Pillow Cover! Super-comfy Cool Comfort! Just put it on your favorite pillow and enjoy!

As one of the owners of the company, I wanted to share my personal experience with this product.

When we got our first sample, I brought it home and placed it on my pillow to test it. The first night I thought it was great, and told my wife. So the next night she tried it.. The following morning she informed me that I was never getting it back, and if I wanted one, I would need to get another sample!

It took some doing - but I got a sample, and now we both have our own Feel Cooler Gel Pillow Covers.

We both highly recommend this pillow cover - it certainly helps us get a better nights sleep!
William Gilligan