How Feel Cooler Works

Is there a mattress pad that helps eliminate sweating at night?
Yes there is. Our cooling mattress pad is made with temperature regulating (cooling) material that has its roots in in the NASA space program.

How the cooling happens:
The cooling mattress pads and other items use a temperature regulating technology. It was originally designed by NASA and absorbs, stores, and releases excess body heat as you need it to keep you at a more balanced temperature.

Who will benefit from using cooling bedding?

Anyone looking for a more comfy night’s sleep will benefit from cooling bedding products. If you often toss and turn during the night, throw the covers off, stick out a leg to cool down or sleep with a partner with whom you are thermally incompatible, you are likely to sleep much better with our cooling bedding. Anyone who suffers from night sweats or hot flashes will also benefit.

Sign Wave

As shown in Fig. 1, the female sleeper (left) is a much warmer sleeper than her male partner. If covered up with traditional bedding, the heat generated by her body would become trapped under the covers. This would cause her to overheat and migrate to her cooler partner and create an uncomfortable sleeping climate for both sleepers. Bedding components that include Outlast® have the ability to manage this buildup by absorbing excess heat and allowing your bed to maintain a more balanced temperature under the covers. Fig. 2 shows how the mattress pad has adapted to each individual’s temperature as evidence by their unique sleep signatures.

Is there a mattress topper that will help keep my mattress cool at night?
Yes, our cooling mattress topper will keep you cool and it does not need any electricity to do it.

Will the cooling mattress pad work on top of my tempurpedic mattress and help me feel cooler?
Yes, we have many customers who experience their tempur-pedic mattress as too warm and they have had a very good experience trying our cooling bedding.