Customer Reviews

The following customer comments were sent to us without prompting. They are just a few comments from some of our many satisfied customers. We are posting them here to help you decide what is the best cooling mattress pad.

I own one and love it! I purchased a high dollar mattress because it said it was a cooling so I got the Cooling Mattress Pad and I am in love! The pad keeps me so much cooler and I don't sweat with it like I did before I got it. The cooler your room is the better ithe mattress pad works. I have MS and heat is my enemy so I have to find what works to help me survive the summer months. This works! and it is very easy to take off and wash. I also used to have to keep the air in the upper sixties and now I keep it on 71 With the Cooling Matress pad it really helps me alot because now I don't wake up with night sweats

I have two cooling pillows and they definitely work. With my hot flashes and night sweats I could never get a good night's sleep. These pillows are wonderful.

I have the mattress pad AND sheets, makes a HUGE difference!!!!

The standard-size cooling pillow cover was a bit snug for my standard pillow and made it firmer than I like. The gel did keep me cooler. My husband is using it and seems to like it. The cooling mattress pad is helping me recover faster from hot flashes and night sweats. I am sleeping better and that was the point of trying these products.

We bought one of the cooling mattress pad right after we bought a memory foam mattress. We were told by the staff where we bought the mattress that it could take a couple of weeks for your body to adjust to the memory foam. Well after a couple of months of both of us having night sweats we knew we had to do something and after a little research I came across cooling mattress pads web site (this was 3.5 years ago). With their return policy we had nothing to loose so we ordered one. To say the least, the mattress pad was the only reason we kept the bed. It works amazingly!!!

I had been miserable with my Temperpedic mattress. I don't know how it works, but what a difference this cooling mattress pad and cover (sheet or blanket) has made. I have even turned my AC off at night and with a ceiling fan, I'm still super comfortable. I was getting tired of sweating in this bed and now I never do. Thank goodness!

I got the mattress pad and a set of sheets. Best thing I ever bought. I have a foam mattress, but it's not a gel one, and I found it very warm. Now I'm very comfy with the cool pad and sheets. Thanks

Angela :
I bought one of these for my tempurpedic bed. i bought a regular mattress pad too. I can certainly tell the difference. This cooling pad works great!

I got one of the pillows because I was having a problem waking up drenched in sweat. it really does work. Now, getting too hot during the night is no longer a problem.

I had purchased a relatively expensive mattress a couple of years ago but found that I could only sleep a few hours before waking up feeling as if I was lying on a hot plate. Whatever part of my body was lying on the mattress would be sweating. So I purchased this company's Cooling Mattress Pad. Problem solved! I was recently transferred to a different state and could not bring my old mattress, but I DID bring my Cooling Mattress Pad. I sleep MUCH better with it. You have nothing to lose. If you order one and don't like it, send it back and they'll refund your money. But I'm keeping mine!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I purchased the King size-cooling mattress pad , the cooling pillowcover and the pillowcase last year. This was an excellent investment, seeing that my mattress was reflecting my body heat. It's good during the summer as well as the winter months.

This does truly work! My husband would wake up in pool of sweat and leave the bed every night about 2 am because he was so hot. Now he sleeps through the night!!

I have a memory foam mattress. I am always warm and need a cool room to sleep in (I would have never bought this mattress if I knew how hot it sleeps). I now also have hot flashes after surgery. I have had this pad for about a year and it has saved the mattress. Nothing is going to totally get rid of the heat from the flashes but this definitely cools down the mattress!

I bought the Mattress Pad Cover for my Tempurpeduc bed, and it brought the temperature down a great deal. Memory Foam Mattresses retain so much heat, and it was becoming unbearable for me to sleep without sweating, even though my Tempurpedic Bed was so comfortable. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who finds their mattress to be too hot!

I also recommend the PILLOW Cover which does the exact same thing as the COOLING Mattress Pad - - - it cools your head for a comfortable sleep!!!

These are two of the best purchases I have ever made!!!!