The following information will help you get the most benefit from our cooling and wicking items.

  • Mattress pads / covers should be placed on your bed over all other protectors but under the sheets you will be using.

  • The comforter / blanket should be placed over the sheets you will be using, but under any other blankets you may desire. It is preferable to have the Temperature Regulating fabric as close to your body as possible.

  • Pillow covers should be placed under any pillow case you may use (although you may use the cover as a case).

  • When first getting into bed or otherwise handling the products, you may notice a “cooling” effect on your skin. This is normal, and is actually the Temperature Regulating fabric responding to your skin temperature. As you relax in the bed, this cooling feeling will diminish as the fabric begins to regulate the temperature. This “feeling” is more pronounced in our Feel Cooler 2® items but generally occurs with all our products.

  • After a few uses you may not notice the cooling effect as much. This is a normal response, as your body and mind get used to the sensation and prepares itself for sleeping. However, this is not an indication of the material not working, as the fabric itself will continue with its Temperature Regulating abilities.

  • We do not recommend the use of drier sheets or fabric softener on any wicking products (DUO, Dri-Release, etc) as this may coat the fabric and affect its wicking abilities.

  • Set your air conditioning between 70 and 75 degrees for sleeping. Some specifications suggest even colder, but our personal testing shows 73-74 degrees as optimal. Warmer temperatures may cause the fabric to attempt to regulate the air outside your body.

  • Use of a fan (ceiling or otherwise) is also helpful especially if you do not have air conditioning.

  • Normal washing and drying is recommended. This will not harm the fabric in any way, and will help eliminate the soil and sweat that accumulate over time, thereby creating an insulating effect. We recommend drying at a low temperature (or drip dry) as some dryers can overheat and melt the fabric.

  • If you feel the cooling effect has diminished, pull the covers off the bed ½ hour before bedtime, and “fluff” the fabric by hitting it with the palm of your hand. This forces airflow thru the inner fabric causing it to release any stored up heat which will prep the fabric to absorb the excess heat created from your body.

  • Remember that the fabric in the product is scientifically created to help regulate temperature. If there is a heating or cooling source near the fabric, it will attempt to regulate that heat. This has no detrimental effect on the materials, but may cause you to not sense the cooling effect as much upon going to bed.
    i.e. – if your room temperature is 95 degrees, the fabric will try to absorb the excess heat from the surrounding area. Then, when you get into bed, the fabric may already have absorbed its limit. Step 4 helps to eliminate this as does step 1.
If you have any concerns or other questions, please do not hesitate to call us!

Thank you
We look forward to helping you get a better nights sleep!