Memory Foam Mattress Too Hot

Is your Memory Foam mattress Too Hot?

Are you sleeping to hot on your Memory Foam mattress? If so, then we have the answer for you! Our Feel Cooler® Cooling Mattress Pad crafted with Temperature Regulating material will keep you cool on your memory foam mattress. It cools you down and blocks the heat build up in the mattress.

All our Feel Cooler bedding is made to keep you cool!

Here is a couple of reviews from real customer posted on one of our Facebooks posts. Check it for yourself! Click here to check out our facebook post

Zachary: Without Cooling Mattress, I would have been forced to return my Tempur Pedic bed because it was too hot and sweaty when I slept. Their amazing technology turned a nightmare where I was having buyers remorse into my dream sleep every night. I cannot say enough about this amazing company.

Donna My husband bought the world's hardest bed, after developing rotator tendonitis. I bought a four inch memory foam pad. Loved the pad but now sweating like on hell's doorstep. This advert came on my page and after reading everyone's comments, I ordered one. This product is exactly as advertised! I will tell everyone who has memory foam bed. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

The Cooling Mattress Pad by Feel Cooler® that was recommended by Dr Oz for a better nights sleep on Jan 23rd 2012! Quick View

Feel Cooler Mattress Pad


Recommended by Dr Oz. Cooling mattress pad for your hot mattress. Works on any type of mattress. Sleep cool tonight!