Feel Cooler and Sleep Better

Feel Cooler® mattress pads help regulate your skin temperature by absorbing and releasing excess heat while you sleep.

Using patented technology combined with a soft and comfortable mattress cover you will find yourself awakening feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated.

These pads help eliminate the tossing and turning due to sweating and over heating, so you sleep sounder and deeper.

The Cooling Mattress Pad by Feel Cooler® that was recommended by Dr Oz for a better nights sleep on Jan 23rd 2012! Quick View

Feel Cooler Mattress Pad


Cooling mattress pad for your hot mattress. Works on any type of mattress. Sleep cool tonight!
Feel DrierĀ® Moisture Wicking Sheets Quick View

Feel Drier Sheet Set


Stay dry with Feel Drier sheets.
Cooling  Pillow by Feel Cooler® Quick View

Feel Cooler Pillow


Pillow with temperature regulating technology to keep your head cool.
Feel Cooler® Cooling Mattress Pad and Feel Cooler® Cooling Pillow Set Quick View

Cooling MPP Set


Feel Cooler pillow and mattress pad set. Save up to $40.00
Feel Cooler® Cool Pad & Blanket Set. Surround yourself with Temperature Regulating Bedding For A Cool Nights Sleep. Quick View

Cool Pad & Blanket Set


Feel Cooler mattress pad and blanket set.
Cooling Gel Pillow Cover - Just Arrived - The most comfy gel pillow cover by Feel Cooler Quick View

FC Gel Pillow Cover


Put this cover on Your Pillow and you have a Cooling Pillow!
Feel Cooler DUO  Moisture Wicking and Cooling Pillow Quick View

Feel Cooler DUO Pillow


Pillow made with Temperature Regulating AND Moisture Wicking Technology
Feel Cooler<sup>®</sup> comforter made with Outlast Quick View

Comforter / Blanket


A blanket that responds to your skin temperature... amazing!
Feel Cooler Pillow Cover Quick View

Cooling Pillow Covers


The Feel Cooler Pillow Cover - cool your head.
The Feel Cooler PLUS Pillow Cover Quick View

Plus Cooling Covers


The Feel Cooler PLUS Pillow Cover - cool your head.
1.5 times the cooling ability - Feel Cooler PLUS Quick View

Feel Cooler BEYOND


1.5 times the cooling effect of our regular pad - for those who need an even cooler night.
Feel Cooler PLUS with cooling sheets Quick View

Plus Pad and Cooling Sheets


PLUS Cooling mattress pad and cooling sheets for your hot mattress. Works on any type of mattress. Sleep cooler tonight!
Feel Cooler<sup>®</sup> PLUS Pad, sheet set and blanket. Quick View

PLUS Pad, Sheets and Blanket


Save big! Get the complete set and sleep better and save more!
Feel Cooler<sup>®</sup> Mattress Pad and sheet set. Quick View

Feel Cooler Pad and Cooling Sheets


Save BIG and sleep cool! Guaranteed to help you sleep cooler and better. You can't go wrong with these savings!