The following customer comments were sent to us without prompting. They are just a few comments from some of our many satisfied customers. We are posting them here to help you decide what is the best cooling mattress pad.

So glad to have found this mattress pad as I have been thru at least 5 "cooling" mattress covers/pads in the last 2 wks. So far, yours is the BEST and I am now ordering the PLUS pillow covers, and contemplating the comforter. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Night number 1 was amazing I actually slept all night for the first time in months! I have really bad night sweats and last night had no issues at all. this is amazing!!!
Leslie H. - We're Not Drunk We Have MS

“I had just purchased a 2 inch memory foam to put on top of my 5 year old mattress. It helped a bit, but it slid around a lot and made me too hot at night. By adding the Feel Cooler Mattress Pad on top not only does it hold the memory foam in place (and add a little more cushion) but I’m not hot anymore, in fact I’m the perfect temperature. I’m getting the best night’s sleep I’ve ever gotten on my mattress even more than when it was brand new!"
Rick W. - San Diego, CA.

I recently bought your cooling, king mattress pad, and we love it. My husband sleeps hot. I don't, but the memory foam mattress topper on our sleep number bed caused me to have hot flashes all night. We are both sleeping MUCH better. This is best mattress pad for hot flashes. Now the only part of me that wakes me up hot is my head! Today I ordered your cooling and wicking pillow covers. Thank you so much for a wonderful product!
Esther Y. - Atlanta, GA

I just wanted to tell you, I am so happy with my mattress pad. It's super, and I have been sleeping so soundly, since it arrived last week!! It's cool and everything you said!!! This is the best mattress pad for hot sleepers! Thrilled that I ordered it. Thank you so much.
Jessica D

I am very warm, by nature, but I also take a medication that causes hot flashes. I have an extremely bad back and purchased the Tempurpedic mattress for that reason. My great expectations turned into sleepless nights. I felt that I was burning up. The mattress is great for the back; however, it is horrible in its ability to retain body heat. I have tried everything short of throwing out a $3000 mattress. I decided to try the Cooling and Wicking Mattress Pad. I even added a wool pad underneath the C&W Pad. My wife loves her side and how much difference it has made for her, in keeping her cooler, and I now can sleep 100% cooler than before. I don't know about the other brands, but this one works for me. It is a bit pricey, but it is extremely well made. Has not lost its comfort, crushed flat and fits our king perfectly. I am very satisfied.
Kim M.

If you think you have an insomnia problem, try this mattress pad!
This is a truly amazing product! I thought I had an insomnia problem, instead I had a being-too-hot to stay asleep problem. I would toss & turn, wake up drenched in sweat or simply just hot. Not anymore with this mattress pad. I have used this for one week now & have slept better each night than I have in years. I have even raised the A/C temperature setting so my family is no longer freezing at night, I am expecting to save on my electric bill as well.Yes, it is pricey, but worth paying for when it works! Definitely the best purchase I've made in recent years.

Love this! I have a memory foam mattress that was too hot. Not any more!!! It doesn't make you "cool" to sleep, but it does stop the heat from building up under you and it does stop the sweating. This is an AWESOME topper. I can actually sleep through the night without trying to find a cooler spot thanks to this. My 15 yr old daughter has one and it's helped her sleep better too. She actually tossed all night trying to find a cooler spot until I got her this. Now she can sleep in one spot all night. She LOVES it as much as I love it.
Rhonda L.

I wanted to thank you for my cooling matters pad. While I was too hot at night, my wife was too cold. Your cooling pad has been a blessing. My 9 year old daughter is interested in one, also.
Jeff D.

Good Morning, I just want to say thank you to you for the cooling pads. I cannot tell you the difference they have made in my sleep life. I have a tempurpedic mattress which holds the heat in. I'm a very poor sleeper to begin with, but when I hot flash, the heat from the mattress literally bounces back to me, keeping me a cocoon of heat. I purchased your gel pad for the mattress and pillow. I cannot tell you how awesome they have been for me. I ordered a second pillow one. All I have to do now, is move over in the bed and move my head to a different spot and I cool down right away. Sometimes, all it takes is me moving my arm onto the coolness...I go back to sleep so much easier. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Diane R

It's been so long since I've had 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep that I'd forgotten what it felt like!

Thank you for manufacturing this product!
Brother K M. F, sc

I am writing to say thank you for the cooling mattress top. My husband sleeps hot and I sleep cool and we found your topper to be great for both of us. My husband is so happy to have such a comfy sleep without waking up hot and restless.

Many thanks once again for giving us both good nights sleeping.

Kindest Regards,
Yvonne M.
Victoria, Australia

Dear Sirs:
Last Wednesday, I placed an order for the Calking Feel Cooler Mattress Pad, and received it the following day. Thank you for the excellent service.
A couple of years ago we switched from our waterbed with baffles to the Tempur-Pedic Mattress. From the beginning, I found myself waking up in the night, feeling hot, having to toss the covers off to cool down, and wishing we had our water bed back. Lately, it’s been happening nightly, and I haven’t been getting a good night’s sleep.

Last week I decided to Google, “cooling mattress pad for Tempur-Pedic”, thinking that I must not be the only one having this problem. I was a little reluctant to purchase your cooling pad because of the cost, but the information that you provided on your website gave me the confidence to try it.

I have been sleeping well, not waking up feeling uncomfortable. Thank you so much! I only wish that we had purchased your mattress pad when we bought our Tempur-Pedic.

With sincere appreciation,
Jan J.
Boynton Beach, FL

Absolutely wonderful!!!
Does what it says on your website. thank you so much from both my husband & myself.
Kim V

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! Your cooling mattress pad helped my night sweats GO AWAY!!! It's amazing!!! Just ordered the cooling pillow so my head will stop sweating too!!
Thanks SO MUCH!!!
Susan B.

Good Morning
I'd just like you to know that I am very, very impressed by your company and your product. My order was processed and shipped very quickly and arrived far sooner than I would have expected. I've used the product for 2 nights and I am very impressed with it.
Bob C.

Just wanted to tell you, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my mattress!!! Thanks
Pam S
A very satisfied customer

Well I just had to write and say WOW, I finally bought something that works!! I was a little concerned to order the BB cooling mattress pad. But with the money I spend on my new bed and could not sleep on it, I had nothing to lose.
It’s very cool when you first get in, and it does get somewhat warm BUT not hot. Ever since I received mine I have been able to sleep in my new bed J Thanks J
A very satisfied customer

I’ve only been sleeping on your cooling mattress pad for three nights, but I could feel the difference the first night. It is great! I have hot flashes at night and wake up numerous times, flipping off a sheet or rolling to a cooler part of the bed. I noticed by the second night, I wasn’t waking up and rolling to different positions. I feel much more rested. The pad seemed to have made the mattress more comfortable too. Thanks for your wonderful product ( I read about it in Readers Digest).I was pleased about how fast it came after I ordered it too. Sincerely,
Carol F
Boynton Beach, Fl.

Love this blanket ... no more waking up with damp hair and PJ's from sweating.

Item was advertised accurately, packaged well and was delivered on time.

I find that I don't get as "glowing" as I had with my old mattress pad. I believe in the cooling materials.

Comfortable and light. Seems to regulate well since I no longer wake up "glowing".

Love the mattress pad.

Cooling Mattress delivered the mattress pad on time. The pad itself is helping reduce the heat that builds up from my Tempurpedic mattress. It doesn't totally cool me down, but it does a good enough job to get a better nights sleep.

Was concerned we'd never find something to keep me "cool" without freezing my husband out of our bed. This was perfect! Recommend it to EVERYONE!

Received order promptly. It definitely makes my very warm mattress cool. It's definitely what I was looking's sometimes even cold when I first get in...pretty amazing! I used to wake up with a sweaty back every morning because of the tempur-type material on the top of my mattress, not anymore!

I have a foam topper on my mattress and was getting too warm during the night. This mattress pad has helped alot. Now I am sleeping without waking up sweating in the middle of the night.

Bought this as a birthday gift for my wife. I new nothing about the "cool pillow" but took a chance. She LOVES it! She said that she no longer flips her pillow throughout the night, trying to find the cool side. It is nice and arrived quickly. I'll probably be back to order another. Thanx

I've used many different types of pillow in my search for the perfect pillow. Many are confortable but at night I often wake up becasue my pillow is totally wet from sweating. All that changed when I got this pillow. I've been using it for over a week now and not once have I had any dampness on the pillow. I do not know how or why this pillow works, but it does.

Thanks for the prompt delivery. Great product will do business with you again. Thanks!

The mattress pad cooled exactly as written, and better than a much more expensive product from the Sleep Number merchant. Thank you for a good product, and seamless service.