Cooling Mattress Pads to help you Feel Cooler and Sleep Better

Our cooling mattress pads and covers help you feel cooler, sleep better and awaken refreshed.

Using patented technologies, our cooling mattress pads help ensure a more restful nights sleep by working with your body to help regulate your skin temperature. No more hot sleepless nights.

Are you like so many of our customers? Do you have a mattress you like but you find yourself sleeping way too hot on it? Is your tempurpedic too hot? Our cooling pads work on any kind of mattress to cool you down and block the heat build up in the mattress. Cool your hot mattress with Feel Cooler.

The Cooling Mattress Pad by Feel Cooler® that was recommended by Dr Oz for a better nights sleep on Jan 23rd 2012! Quick View

Feel Cooler Mattress Pad


Cooling mattress pad for your hot mattress. Works on any type of mattress. Sleep cool tonight!
1.5 times the cooling ability - Feel Cooler Beyond Quick View

Feel Cooler - Beyond


1.5 times the cooling effect of our regular Feel Cooler. For you who wants a little extra coolness.
Feel Cooler 2 Cooling Mattress Pad Quick View

Feel Cooler 2 Pad


Featuring our nexclusive Temperature Regulating Dual Layer Technology™ with twice the cooling effect.
Cooling Pet Bed Quick View

Cooling Pet Bed


Yes - your pets need cooling too! Give them their own cooling mattress pad! They want it!
Feel Cooler® Waterproof Cooling Mattress Protector Quick View

Cooling Waterproof Mattress Protector


Waterproof to help Protect your mattress from stains, and cooling to help you sleep cooler.
Chili Pad Cube 1.1 single control cooling pad Quick View

Chili Pad Cube 1.1 Single zone water cooling pad.


Electric Water cooled mattress pad. Best option when you have no air conditioning.
Chili Pad Cube 1.1 Dual Control Cooling Mattress Pad. Water Cooled Mattress Pad. Quick View

Chili Pad Cube 1.1 Dual water cooling mattress pad


Water cooled mattress pad. Set temp for each side individually. Cool one side heat the other! no more fighting!