The Feel Cooler DUO COOL as seen on The Doctors Did you see us on The Doctors? Maybe it was on the Doctor Oz show? Or perhaps in Readers Digest? Do you sleep too hot? Do you wake up sweaty and uncomfortable only to fall asleep and wake up again cold and uncomfortable?

If this is you - your not alone and you have found the products that will help you Feel Cooler and Sleep Better. Our mattress pads, sheets, blankets and pillows will help you sleep better, wake less often, and awake feeling refreshed. The Feel Cooler® temperature regulating bedding line incorporates patented technology that actually stores and releases the heat from your skin while you sleep. This "phase change" technology helps ensure your skin temperature stays regulated all night - so you sleep more soundly!

We also carry a full line of Wicking sheets - designed to help mitigate the moisture should you over perspire during your sleep.

No matter what you decide, its guaranteed to help - or your money back. We offer a 30 Day, No Questions Asked - Satisfaction Guarantee!.